28 March 2019


Date of Event : Mar 28 2019 to Mar 30 2019

Venue : Hili Fun City

About the Event :

Opened in 2011, Al Qattara Arts Centre has been developed around the earlier Bayt Bin Ati al-Darmaki, a traditional mud-brick tower and house located on a mound overlooking the date-palm gardens of Qattara Oasis. 

Several art workshops and activities will be held by the Al Qattara Arts Centre in Hili Fun City, as part of Al Ain Festival 2019, organised by Al Ain Municipality.


Hands-on workshops for all ages, will include:

- Recycling 
- Arabic calligraphy   
- Crafts 
- Oud
- Pottery




Carefully restored traditional local architecture, the centre’s mandate is to provide a venue where arts and culture can be studied, practiced and developed by the entire UAE community.