Tuesday 28/07/2020 02:21:00 PM

Al Ain Zoo celebrates World Conservation Day

Al Ain Zoo celebrated World Conservation Day, which falls on July 28 each year and is an occasion to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and conserving natural resources and habitats threatened by imbalances in the ecosystem and the depletion of natural resources.

The only solution to these problems is to conserve resources by creating awareness around the world and encouraging people to protect the environment for present and future generations, Al Ain Zoo said on the occasion.

The zoo is home to a diverse group of approximately 4,000 animals from different environments around the world. Many come from fragile habitats where numerous factors threaten their survival. The zoo is an important centre for programmes related to the propagation, conservation, and protection of multiple species.

The zoo studied biological diversity in the field of nature conservation, which is an important area for the protection of nature and for which it was established by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The zoo presented a set of initiatives and achievements, including its study of 14 species of migratory birds, its monitoring of 100 species of wild birds, its wild plant conservation practices, and its role in developing and managing programmes to protect endangered species, such as the Arabian Sand Cat and the African Dama gazelle.

Its role in preserving nature is the main reason the zoo was established in Al Ain 52 years ago, when it began by protecting the Arabian oryx from extinction. Its programmes soon extended to include animals from around the world, and it has made efforts to sustain and protect nature’s wealth and reduce environmental footprints through well-designed programmes addressing biological diversity, sustainable design and economy, and social and environmental aspects.

Observed each year on July 28th, World Conservation Day is celebrated internationally to increase awareness about the best practices to protect natural resources.