Monday 07/09/2020 11:14:00 AM

Al Ain City Municipality conducts survey on future of public recreation, services facilities

The Al Ain City Municipality, in cooperation with the UAE University, is conducting a survey on the future of public recreation and services facilities in Al Ain City, by performing a field survey involving residents and their families.

The one-month study began on 1st September, 2020, and aims to explore the aspirations and needs of the city’s residents in terms of recreational facilities and parks, to create more attractive entertainment and services facilities.

Saif Ahmed Al Halami, Head of the Research and Studies Department at the Municipality, said, "We aim to improve the community’s well-being and happiness, by providing recreational and services facilities that suit the nature and culture of the city’s residents and can become attractions to visitors, through conducting these scientific studies that will help us draft appropriate development plans."

"The study will benefit from similar local and international experiences in recreational facilities, explore their use by residents, draft and issue a survey on the views of residents and their need for recreational facilities, submit a proposal on the future of entertainment facilities in the city, study the disadvantages of recreational facilities, and suggest solutions to reducing and managing them," he added.

Dr. Khaled Jalal, Research Supervisor of the Study from UAEU, said that the study will involve four phases, which are assessing and analysing the current conditions of recreational facilities, monitoring similar local and international experiences, drafting and issuing a survey to explore the needs and aspirations of local people, and announcing relevant results and recommendations.

The municipality urged the entire community of Al Ain City to participate in the survey, entitled "Survey of Residents’ Recreational Facilities and Parks Needed in Al Ain City," through the following link,