Monday 07/09/2020 05:13:00 PM

Tawam Hospital expands Pediatric Emergency and Oncology departments

Tawam Hospital, a healthcare facility affiliated with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, SEHA, has expanded its Pediatric Emergency and Oncology departments, allowing the hospital to accommodate a higher number of patients and provide them with easier access to healthcare services while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

This further elevates Tawam Hospital’s offerings and services as it continues to play an integral role in the provision of healthcare to the community of Al Ain city, including emergency services and urgent care.

Salem Al Noaimi, Chairman, SEHA, said, "The expansion of the Pediatric Emergency and Oncology departments cements our commitment to deliver on the UAE leadership’s mandate – ensuring every member of the community has safe and easy access to world class medical care. The extended capacity of these departments will allow us to provide our expertise to all those who require our services, whilst adhering to strict social distancing guidelines."

Dr. Khalid Saeed Balaraj, Chair of Oncology Services, Tawam Hospital, said, "It is our responsibility to guarantee that Tawam Hospital is well equipped with the necessary beds, staff and resources to care for all patients that require our services. Patient comfort, care and safety remains our top priority, and with the support of SEHA and our partners, we are pleased to unveil the new units which will accommodate the needs of the community in Al Ain city."

Starting today, pediatric emergency patients will be directed to a new 98-bed, 3,150 square facility, which is equipped with patient triage rooms and storage and supply spaces and has separate entrances for patients, staff and storage, ensuring the seamless flow of traffic and to avoid congestion. To guarantee efficiency and effectiveness, 23 beds are allocated for emergency cases, 26 beds are allocated for the assessment of moderate cases and the planning phase of treatment, 26 beds are reserved for inpatient cases that require a maximum three-day hospital stay, and the remaining 23 beds are prepared as reserve.

The expansion of the Oncology department includes the addition of a pharmacy to limit the need for patients to visit the main facility for medication collection. In addition, the facility is home to a new comprehensive reception office, where patients can register and manage all health insurance requests and processes.