Thursday 03/12/2020 05:01:00 PM

Sheikha Dr. Shamma bint Mohammed launches ‘New Home’ initiative

Sheikha Dr. Shamma bint Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan Cultural and Educational Institutions and Honorary President of the Emirates Women Award of the Dubai Quality Group, launched a national initiative, entitled, "New Home," which aims to raise the awareness of parents about positive children’s education, coinciding with the country’s 49th National Day.

Sheikha Shamma also inaugurated a virtual seminar held by the group, titled, "The Role of Parents in Continuing Remote Learning," with the participation of Dr. Jamila Sulaiman Al Khanji and Dr. Khalid Maqlad. The seminar was moderated by Dr. Huda Al Matroushi.

"There are certain events that happen in our lives and change our perspective, so when the coronavirus pandemic began, the world fell into a state of confusion, raising the question, ‘How can we adapt to this pandemic until science contains it?’ The answer involves solving many challenges facing the world, most notably how to continue the education process," Sheikha Shamma said.

The UAE’s leadership is keen to ensure the continuity of the education process, even though some countries have suspended their academic systems, she added while highlighting the role of advanced technologies in facilitating people’s lives and the value of communication networks, despite the restrictions imposed on movement.

"Our main challenge is ensuring the success of this process and benefitting students, as would have happened through traditional education. To realise this, there is a need for genuine cooperation between schools and families, as they play a key role in achieving psychological balance for students, in addition to supporting the remote education process," she said in conclusion.