Wednesday 23/03/2022 09:12:00 AM

UAEU, Abu Dhabi ‎Music & Arts Foundation inaugurates Arts Unit

Zaki Nusseibeh, Cultural Adviser to the UAE President and Chancellor of the United Arab ‎Emirates University (UAEU), has inaugurated the Arts Unit at the university, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Music ‎and Arts Foundation, and the University of Nepara - Spain.

The inauguration was attended by Prof. Ghaleb Al Hadraimi Al Breiki, UAEU Acting ‎Vice-Chancellor, several academic leaders, and ‎representatives of cultural and artistic institutions in the ‎country.‎ Prof. Aisha Salem Al Dhaheri, Associate Provost for Student ‎Affairs, said that the launch of the Arts Unit contributes to ‎giving students opportunities to unleash, nurture and refine ‎artistic talents, in addition to academic output.‎ She added, "The Unit would enhance the role of the art in building bridges of culture so that the university ‎becomes a civilised hub for cultural dialogue through organising seminars and forums in cooperation with ‎cultural institutions inside and outside the ‎country. The unit will also shed light on all artistic fields, ‎raise awareness programmes, expand art and build a sustainable ‎society that reflects the richness of cultural diversity in the ‎country.‎"

She highlighted the importance of cooperation with the ‎Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation as a strategic ‎partner that supports the unit's requirements to upgrade students' artistic taste and discover their ‎talents and artistic creativity.‎ The opening activities of the Arts Unit will continue for two ‎consecutive days and include training workshops in arts and ‎sculpture and artistic, musical performances by artists from ‎inside and outside the country.‎ ‎"Our strategic partnership with the university began in 2009, ‎as part of our mission to spark creativity among Emirati youth ‎and students, encouraging them to explore careers in the ‎cultural and artistic sectors. Today, we support the ‎University's initiative to open the Arts Centre which will ‎provide both students and the community with more ‎exposure to the arts through unique visual experiences and ‎engaging seminars that promote dialogue, creating a distinct ‎platform for cultural expression," Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo, founder of the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation (ADMAF), founder and artistic director of Abu Dhabi Festival said.