Tuesday 14/11/2023 05:59:00 AM

Media curricula should keep pace with technological advancements: Dean of Communication College at Al Ain University

AL AIN -- Dr. Rahima Aissani, Dean of the College of Communication and Media at Al Ain University, highlighted the necessity for media education programmes to adapt to continuous technological progress, emphasising the unique agenda of the second edition of the Global Media Congress (GMC) that delves into crucial developments in media and communication technology.

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Dr. Aissani highlighted that GMC, scheduled to commence tomorrow and run until 16th November, serves as a platform for discussing the roles of education and media amidst the significant challenges posed in the field of teaching and education in general.

She pointed out that the challenges in media education are numerous, especially with the continuous evolution of technology and tools. Dr. Aissani identified four fundamental challenges or skills required for media students: problem-solving, critical thinking, communication tools, and collaboration. She added that a fifth skill could be introduced, focusing on using digital platforms in education.

Dr. Aissani affirmed that this evolving environment necessitates a re-evaluation of curricula and teaching methods for courses, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, to address these developments, enabling students to apply these skills effectively in their university environment.