In terms of administration, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is divided into three main areas; the City and Island of Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafrah Region and Al Ain R. Al Ain region is distinguished by its geographical diversity, it includes plain and mountain areas as well as the historical city of Al Ain known as the Oasis City due to the large number of flourishing palms that gave Al Ain a special presence on the environmental and tourist map of the United Arab Emirates.
Al Ain region in Abu Dhabi is the fourth largest area in the United Arab Emirates; according to estimates issued in 2009 the population was about 890,000.

The Dewan of the Ruler’s Representative in Al Ain region carries out many tasks assigned to it by Article 3 of the Noble Emiri Decree No. “20” issued on 26th November 2006. It is to execute the following within the limits of the law and regulations applicable in the Emirate:

• Provide support to the Ruler’s Representative as he carries out his honorary duties
• Receive delegations visiting the area, prepare for their visits and deal with media and press related to the Dewan’s activities
• Plan the social awareness programs for elder citizens and those with special needs and work with the relevant parties to execute them
• Encourage women’s establishments providing services and support for women’s needs in Al Ain Region
• Assist youth to obtain training opportunities during school vacations in order to qualify them to secure jobs or to work in those professional fields that are needed in the area and the Emirate
• Coordinate natural disaster aid in cooperation with the relevant bodies
• Evaluate and write reports about the needs of citizens in Al Ain Region

Departments of the Dewan
The Dewan of the Ruler’s Representative in Al Ain Region comprises three main departments, as laid out in Article “4” of the Supreme Emiri Decree no. “20” issued on 26th November 2006, namely:

1. Citizens Affairs Department
2. Ceremonies Department
3. Support Services Department